Wednesday, January 5, 2011

American Craftsmanship is Alive & Well

With so many of our skilled labor jobs being outsourced to other countries these days it's refreshing to see that there are still some American companies staying here at home and hiring skilled American craftsman to build their products. We feature four such companies at Clear Creek Furniture Works. Stone County Ironworks which is based in Arkansas, features wonderful iron furniture and home decor made by highly skilled artisan blacksmiths. Fireside Lodge in Minnesota, creates beautiful rustic log and barn wood furniture. Brownstreet Furniture Company in New Hampshire, builds fine Craftsman & Early American style furniture the old fashioned way. And last but not least, Ironwood Industries which is based in Utah, makes functional home decor and accents with beautiful steel scroll work imagery. All of these companies, and many more like them are helping to keep the American Dream alive. Please help support them and other companies committed to American jobs, by buying American products.

ps Support your local family farm too. ;-)

Clear Creek Furniture Works

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